JNDecor ltd is proud to offer our floor installation service. Whether you are thinking of installing a wooden, laminate, vinyl to tiled floor, you must always ensure that the subfloor is prepped and ready for laying the new flooring. This is as important as choosing the correct flooring.

We ensure that the the subfloor is sound, floor levelled and free of any loose floorboards, outstanding nails etc.. We will always discuss the finish with the client, whether this be laying flooring under the skirting boards or using beadings to cover the edges of the floor along the skirting board. We will also trim doors if necessary.

Floor sanding - when sanding a floor, the same process is needed when thinking of sanding down any existing floorboards. 

JNDecor offers a wide range of flooring installation and refurbishment -

  • Subfloor preparation - levelling and repairs to any rotting or loose parts
  • Installation of damp proof membrane
  • Installation of underlay
  • Installation of new floor - solid/engineered/laminate/vinyl etc..
  • Sanding down existing floors and floorboards
  • Painting floors
  • Tiling floora
  • Door trimming
  • Replacing existing skirting boards
  • Fitting skirting boards

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